Author Angela Aaron's Blog: October 2014

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Now Available on Audio

Get swept away in a sizzling romantic adventure full of magic, mystery and danger.
Where the past is real, the impossible becomes possible and dreams come true…literally!

After a much anticipated wait, The Fire of Beltane has finally been released in audio format. Narrator HR Jackson knocks it out with her sultry accents and incredible performance.

"Ms. Jackson gives a total sensual performance. Her accents bring the characters to life."

You can hear a snippet on Angie's web page

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Fire of Beltane Released in Audio!

I have a bit of news to share. The Fire of Beltane has been released on audio and ooooooh is it sexy! Narrator HR Jackson has done a wonderful job capturing the sexy accents of the characters and beautifully brings this contemporary/immortal fantasy romance to life. Sit back and relax with twelve + hours of action, magic and sizzling hot romance! You can hear a snippet of the farewell letter Aedan writes to Aislinn on my webpage: and you can hear a snippet of the prologue at Amazon.
It is available at Amazon, iTunes and Audible.