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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Katy Regnery is in the Attic Today!

Come on up, pull up a trunk and join me in greeting the latest guest to visit Angie's Attic, Katy Regnery. Katy is an award winning romance novelist from New England. Welcome Katy, I'm glad you could join me today. I'm excited to learn a bit about you and the books you've authored.

First can you tell us a little about your books?

Oooo! This trunk is so comfy! Hot tea and cookies, too? Don’t mind if I do! Thanks for having me up here today, Angie!

I love talking about my books so thanks for asking! I have two series that I am currently writing: Heart of Montana, published by Boroughs Publishing Group, is a sweet, contemporary, mostly-closed door series set in a small town in Montana. Enchanted Places, which I self-publish, is a much hotter contemporary series wherein love stories are linked by siblings who fall in love at castles, estates, and other “enchanted” places.

What awards you have won and for which of your books?

My first Heart of Montana novel, By Proxy, took first prize in the 2013 Maine RWA Everything but the Kitchen Sink contest, second prize in the 8th Annual Dixie Kane Memorial contest and third prize in the 2013 NTRWA Great Expectations contest. The second book in my Heart of Montana series, Midsummer Sweetheart, took second place in the 2013 RWA of Alaska Break-Up contest. The third book in my Heart of Montana series, See Jane Fall, took third place in the 2013 Heart of the West contest. My short story, “The Long Way Home,” was recently selected by Sylvia Day to appear in the first RWA Anthology – that was my first national “win.”

When did you write your first book and how old were you?

I wrote my first book in August 2012 and finished it two days before my 40th birthday.

Do you write an outline before every book you write?

Yes, or a synopsis. I am mostly a pantser after I write the outline or synopsis, but I need a little bit of planning to get the show on the road!

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

All of my research is done on-line. I stare at Google Maps for hours on end! LOL! Ideas come from all sorts of places…last summer I visited Boldt Castle in upstate New York and by the time I left, the idea for my Enchanted Places series was solid in my mind.

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I LOVE writing text message banter, so all of my books are starting to have text-message scenes in them. What’s interesting is that many reviewers and bloggers are catching on to this now, and it’s becoming a sort of trademark that they look for!

Who is your intended audience and why should they read your book?

My intended audience for Heart of Montana is anyone over the age of 16 who likes a love story: teenagers, adult women, older ladies. I have a surprising number of male readers, too!

My Enchanted Places books cook at a higher temperature, so I’d really only recommend them to readers over the age of 18. My stories are emotionally-driven and pretty intense, with a fair share of introspection. They move quickly, but I try to offer readers a thoughtful story.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

It’s imperative to have a thick skin if you’re going to try to make it as a writer, so join a critique group before you ever submit your work to an agent or publisher. Make sure you’re open to constructive criticism. Make sure you can “take it” when people dislike your writing and/or style. Reviews can be brutal and you can’t wallow – you have to be tough enough to take it, or it can sap all of the joy out of the profession.

Do you hear from your readers? What kinds of questions do they ask?

Yes! I have a big presence on social media – over 9,000 Twitter followers and almost 2,500 Facebook fans. I LOVE talking to my readers! Mostly they get in touch with me to share that they enjoyed a story I’ve written and ask for more. They don’t actually ask me many other questions, but a lot of my readers like to share about their own lives with me!

Now for the quickie "get to know you better" questions…

What are your favorite TV shows?

Oh, my gosh! How much time do we have?! Nashville, Bitten, Downtown Abbey, Banshee, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, The Americans, Orange is the New Black, Parenthood, True Blood, Vikings, Ray Donovan, and Bunheads.

What music do you listen to?

It varies from book to book. Right now I’m listening to some Tracy Chapman, Lauryn Hill, and a lot of music from the cast of “Nashville.”

Quick…one look. What is under your bed right this moment?

Nothing! Wow! I’m neat!!

Thanks for playing along with the silly questions.

Of course – good times!

What is your current projects and/or future projects?

I am currently working on What Were You Expecting?, Heart of Montana #5. I have a contract deadline for June and a personal deadline for April. We’ll see how I do! After WWYE, I’ll be working on the next two books in my Enchanted Places series: Restoring Love at Bolton Castle and Risking Love at Moonstone Manor. I love my HoM books, but I must admit, I’m excited to get back to the heat of my EP series!
Is there anything else you'd like to say to our guests?
Please check out my books and I LOVE hearing from my readers, so be sure to stop by my blog, Twitter or Facebook and say HELLO!
Where can readers find more out about you and your books:




Buy link for Playing for Love at Deep Haven, Enchanted Places #1:

Buy link for By Proxy, Heart of Montana #1:

Buy link for Midsummer Sweetheart, Heart of Montana #2:

Thank you, Katy for joining me in the attic today. I enjoyed adding you to my collection of good things.
Thank you so much for hanging out with me today and HUGE THANKS to Angie for having me up to the attic! Happy to say it’s spider and web free and this trunk has been super cozy!
And now, before you climb down from the attic, how about a snippet from your latest book that will intrigue and tantalize us:
Sure! But remember, this is totally unedited so BE KIND!

Excerpt from What Were You Expecting? Heart of Montana #5:
Maggie’s heart felt brick-heavy sitting next to Beck by the bonfire. He was trying his best to make conversation with her, but it was no use. She could barely give him monosyllabic answers. To see Nils’s face—full of unguarded joy and hope to see her—slip into cold darkness on a dime had taken all of the fun out of the celebration and all she wanted to do was go home. She didn’t want to risk running into him again, that was for sure. She needed to go home and cry for hours and then get her head on straight before she saw him again.
Her eyes welled with frustration and sorrow. She swiped at them then pushed up from the blanket. “Beck, you mind if we get goin’?”
He stood up beside her, dusting off his hands on his pants. “Whenever you’re ready.”
The lump in her throat was so thick, she worried she’d cry when she said good-bye to Mr. Lindstrom and Lars, but she couldn’t very well leave such a nice party without saying “thank you.”
“I’m just goin’ to go inside and use the bathroom first,” she said.
I’ll splash some cold water on my face, give myself a firm talking-to, then come downstairs and say my good-byes. She looked over at the long table that sat mostly in darkness. Nils would still be eating his dinner. She took a deep breath and turned toward the house.
With every footstep, her mind pestered her with questions: Is that how friends look at each in greeting? Why’d he look so mad about Beck’s arm around you since he practically threw you at Beck on Thursday?
She stomped up the steps, opening the screen door too forcefully, then wincing as it slapped against the wall of the porch then flew back and slammed shut.
Calm down, Maggie.
Rubbing her burning eyes, she walked quietly through the living room and dining room, to the stairs beside the kitchen. As she headed upstairs, she looked at the pictures on the wall: Nils and Lars grinning in snowsuits with goggles perched on their blond heads, all four Lindstrom children sitting on a boulder somewhere in Yellowstone, Jenny on her wedding day, Erik on his. About two steps from the top, she reached out and gingerly touched a photo of Nils holding Erin against his chest as he sat in a recliner, his eyes closed as the tiny infant dozed.
“You came here with Beck.”

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