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Sunday, February 16, 2014

In love with love.

I was a recent guest on "The Muse Charmer" blog on Valentine's Day. Here is what I had to say:

A very happy Valentines Day to you.

Some say music that is the universal language, but I’d argue that it is love. Every one of us from the beginning of time has felt the stirrings of love. Love crosses every culture and ethnic boundaries and has never changed in thousands of years. Love is a powerful thing. People have conquered countries, sacrificed and killed for love. When we feel love, we feel it deeply and this feeling moves us into action.

“Romance is being in love with love.” I adore this quote. Who can’t remember their first teenage crush and how it consumed every waking moment of life? That feeling that your whole world revolved around another person who made you feel something you’d never felt before was the most incredible feeling. The skin tingling sensation that totally consumes you when that person is near is so breathtaking. Hearing the proverbial fireworks upon your first kiss, only to realize it was probably the beating of your own heart. Wow. I love how that feels. I’d like to capture that feeling and bottle it. Oh wait…that’s what romance novels do. They in essence capture those very sensations and give us the chance to relive those romantic experiences. Romance makes us feel good.

Those addicting little endorphins that romance produces, the excitement and adrenaline rush are exactly the sensations I love to manifest with my writing.

I want to be swept off my feet as two unsuspecting or reluctant people find love against a variety of challenging backdrops. I love to watch them fall in love and overcome insurmountable obstacle to be together. I love to sigh, smile, cheer my characters on when I put fingers to keyboard, and create those moments repeatedly with each story I create. I love to fall in love over and over.

“Romance is being in love with love.” Oh yes it is and so much more. Romance makes the every day dole drums tolerable, it sweeps us away to distant worlds and allows us to escape or live an adventure we wouldn’t necessarily have. Romance allows us to be caught up in something universal, something that transcends time, and something that makes us feel hopeful.

And that my friends is a powerful thing and why I write romance. Celebrate Romance! Happy St.Valentine’s Day.


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