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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Great Review for Pleasure Island Audio Version on Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars A treat for your ears! February 1, 2014

Format:Audible Audio Edition
By L.E.
I’m new to audio books, and although I love being able to hold a story in my hand, I have to say I fully enjoyed the experience of having a story told to me.

I was a child who enjoyed being read bed time stories. There was something wonderful about being cosy and listening to my mother’s voice as she did the voices of the characters. Not that my mother ever read me anything like this, of course she didn’t, but there is something nice about listening to someone else get into a story, and kinda make it their own.

Firstly, the story itself was extremely hot and fun. Angela Aaron certainly has a way with words and boy, does she know how to write a sexy story. Her men were delicious, especially the main character, Ryan; sweet yet dominant, a gentleman and yet, well, a sex god, most definitely my cup of tea.

Cassie is a very realistic heroine. She is understandably hesitant when she first arrives to the Island, and I can’t say I’d blame her, not with her history, and certainly because taking a leap into something outside your comfort zone is a big deal, but she does, and I can assure you she doesn’t regret it.

The story is about tow people letting their guards down, opening their hearts, and having one hell of a sexy adventure.
Back to the audio side . . . well, take this fabulous story and hand it to a lady with such a captivating voice and man are you in for a treat. Elizabeth Powers has a fabulous voice. It’s smooth and steady, and she punctuates the words perfectly, capturing the mood of each scene and the characters, and the best part; she does the voices! She does accents. If a character yawns, she yawns . . . I loved that.

Yes, I imagine those of you who have listened to a lot of audio will be rolling your eyes right now because you probably know all this, but I just thought it made the story all the more fun.

All in all, Pleasure Island is a fabulous, sexy read that will have you hot under the collar. The characters are great, and believe me you will sooo be wishing this Island existed by the time you reach the end. I know I did.

As an audio story . . . Get cosy, get yourself a glass of wine or a mug of hot chocolate, and settle down for an evening that will make you forget all about this wet, windy, and freezing weather we are having.

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